Only Echoes [A Tribute to Aleppo]

When I shouted
It used to be the honk of a hundred cars  that would answer back
Or the shouting of merchants
Or the laughter of children

It used to be pine trees and palm trees and bushes all over
It used to be buildings
and bright clothes
and yellow lights over glinting floors

Now there is dust, always dust
It hangs over the air like the airplanes that drop the bombs
Now there are only soldiers
Or dying people
Or the dead
They litter the road where the bushes and the pines and the palms used to be

Now there is only nothing–
there are people
but there is no life

And now when I shout
Only echoes answer

Note: Everything that has been happening in Aleppo is heartbreaking. This is a response to the Daily Prompt Echo

It’s official!

It's official!

So I just got the awesomest news today. After weeks and weeks of wondering whether it would ever get approved, I got my Visa (TRV) for Canada today! But before that, details. I and four other students from my University, was/were (sorry) accepted to an Exchanged Program for the University of British Columbia. This was such a big opportunity for us, so when I finally got my visa, I was literally jumping with joy. This stamp on my passport meant to many things to me:

1. It meant that I wouldn’t have to spend my next four months just sitting around the house doing nothing (cos I didn’t enroll in our home school).
2. It meant that I would actually get to travel abroad, a dream I had since I found out what airplanes were for.
3. It meant that I needed to go buy jackets, pants, scarves, gloves, and bonnets.
4. It meant that I needed to plan a get-together with my friends cos I won’t be seeing them for a while.
5. It meant that I needed to go out and celebrate because I won’t have to undergo restless nights worrying about whether I’ll ever get to do the stuff mentioned above.
6. And most importantly, it meant looking for a solution for my next problem: air fare.

We got it on a scholarship, so we don’t have to pay for any tuition. We do have to spend on our own rent, allowance, and air fare though. Since the cost in BC is just about four times the cost in the Philippines, this was a big, big problem. Rent: relatives will take care of it. Allowance: still looking. Air fare: Still looking. I’m planning to visit all the government institutions that would be willing to give this little girl some help. 🙂

What can you guys advice? How do you think I could raise that money by 29 (our planned flight)?

And what tips can you give me about the cold, freezing world I’m about to face? 😀