Only Echoes [A Tribute to Aleppo]

When I shouted
It used to be the honk of a hundred cars  that would answer back
Or the shouting of merchants
Or the laughter of children

It used to be pine trees and palm trees and bushes all over
It used to be buildings
and bright clothes
and yellow lights over glinting floors

Now there is dust, always dust
It hangs over the air like the airplanes that drop the bombs
Now there are only soldiers
Or dying people
Or the dead
They litter the road where the bushes and the pines and the palms used to be

Now there is only nothing–
there are people
but there is no life

And now when I shout
Only echoes answer

Note: Everything that has been happening in Aleppo is heartbreaking. This is a response to the Daily Prompt Echo

Daily Prompt: Rain

Daily Prompt: Rain

I try to fit my whole body into the blanket, but my toes still peep out. Settling the mug of tea by the window sill, I pull the blanket down, covering my red painted nails. There’s no use in keeping my arms warm, I have to hold my book anyway.

Before settling down to read, I bring the pages to my nose, taking a whiff of the papery smell. They say books smell better when they’re older, but I’ve always loved its scent when it’s fresh from the shop.

I open the first page, and everything silences but the hard crash of the rain on the roof.

(picture by pumpkinmd of