Only Echoes [A Tribute to Aleppo]

When I shouted
It used to be the honk of a hundred cars  that would answer back
Or the shouting of merchants
Or the laughter of children

It used to be pine trees and palm trees and bushes all over
It used to be buildings
and bright clothes
and yellow lights over glinting floors

Now there is dust, always dust
It hangs over the air like the airplanes that drop the bombs
Now there are only soldiers
Or dying people
Or the dead
They litter the road where the bushes and the pines and the palms used to be

Now there is only nothing–
there are people
but there is no life

And now when I shout
Only echoes answer

Note: Everything that has been happening in Aleppo is heartbreaking. This is a response to the Daily Prompt Echo

Never Forget: A Millennial’s Apology

Today, the greatest dictator that the Philippines has ever seen has been buried at a cemetery meant for heroes.

So, I apologize.

I apologize on behalf of those who refuse to see, and who stick to the belief that his reign was the “golden era” of our nation. I apologize to all the victims of Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law. I apologize to the 3,000 that were killed, 34,000 that were tortured, 70,000 imprisoned, and to all who had to suffer from the regime.

I apologize on behalf of those who remain ignorant. I apologize to the little girls who lost their parents, to the parents who lost their little girls. I apologize to those who never had a chance to say goodbye to their friends. I apologize to the people who had to walk away from detention cells with broken bones and bruises and cigarette burns and no justice ever served to them.

I apologize on behalf of those who tell us to “move on.” For the fact that they do not recognize how it is impossible to move on when faults are never acknowledged, when murderers run unpunished, and apologies denied. I am sorry because they do not see that faults can never be forgotten and forgiven if not even recognition is given. I apologize to those who were raped, beaten, tortured, and were told to “move on,” instead of being told “Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.” I apologize that some victims will never be buried, while the dictator is–with a filmed ceremony and a 21-gun salute

I apologize that I can do nothing more than shout in the streets and write this, while the bodies of the true heroes writhe in their sleep, because their murderer lies right beside them tonight.

I apologize, and I promise I will fight. I will fight until it is possible for me to fight. I will fight for those who fought for me, until history is one where heroes remain heroes  and murderers, murderers. I will try to be a part of the hope that they have asked us to be, and stand guard until true justice is served.

After everything, it is the least I can do.

words and wanders and photos and life

I love words. I love travelling, and photography, and a lot of plenty other things in life. But I am also a first year law student, and I think that complicates things… a lot. Law school does…

Source: words and wanders and photos and life


Drive: Daily Prompt

He drove

I rode shotgun

He opened the window

Like a mini whirlpool
The wind smashed itself
Into the car

Isn’t that a nice view?
he asks

I smile
I nod

I couldn’t tell him
That the best view
Was right beside me


Drive: Daily Prompt


Happy Birthday Marsha! <3

Planned to give you a card, pero di ko na nagawa since ang layo ko eh ayoko namang late mong mareceive. Planned to text you, pero ang dali kasing mawala ng messages sa phone. Planned to send the message to be part of the notes on your wall, pero kawawa kasi yung magsusulat. Planned to post on your timeline, pero di ako ma-PDA. Planned to send the message on facebook, pero ang dali kasing mawala sa mga tambak ng messages going in and out.

Bente ka na!

That means, matagal ka nang legal!


Kaya ang wish ko sayo ay sana matupad na ang kadiri mong bucket list. Hahaha. Anyway, on a more serious note, ang dami kong utang sayo, literally and figuratively, and sana lang, in a way, ay may naibibigay ako in return for all of those.

Um. Thank you for always being there (except kung busy ka sa mga org stuffs mo char haha). Thank you na ang patient niyo nga sakin. And thank you din na nahanap kita na friend ❤

200_sWish ko sayo… hmm… sana matupad ang kung ano mang layunin ang meron ka for this day. Sana matulungan ka ng silence. Sana ma sagot mga bucket loads of questions mo. Sana i-stop mo nang idoubt yung sarili mo, kasi you’re capable of so much, of affecting so many people’s lives. Sana matutunan mo nang maging malandi para maituro mo din sakin at mahanap mo na si Mr. Caucasian. Sana mahalin mo pa sarili mo, a million times over. Sana wag kang mag paapekto sa mga nega jan. Sana maging masungit ka rin paminsan para di ka na laging naaabuso. And sana, cliche man, pero mahanap mo ang happiness na meant for you ❤

So mejo naging sabog post nalang to. Wala kasi akong maisip na way eh!! :p Ayoko nang mag collage kasi so mainstream. Ayun I love you!! Happy Birthday!!


Iyak ka na. Char.


Peace out!


The Battle of Five Armies: First Thoughts (Short Review)

Okay. Just a quick review.

Ended up crying my eyes out with yet another end of a book/movie legacy (hello HP7). But here are my first thoughts on the Battle of Five Armies:

1. For a die-hard fan like me, I do think the movie was worth ALL the weeks of waiting, of staying up late just to watch the world premiere and join twitter Q&As. The CG effects were marvelous, and I love how Bilbo played out in this film, thank you Martin Freeman!
2. Again, Jackson delivers with his INSANELY AWESOME battle scenes. I hate that it lasted only 45 minutes long. The dwarves+elves offense gave me goosebumps! Aaand who could forget Legolas’ awesome stunts (at this point, I won’t bother to think about how realistic some of them were), and the action from Galadriel, Elrond, and Saruman (finally!)?
3. Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom. Nuff said.

But. (Again, spoilers!)

4. I absolutely HATED how some characters died. I wish they just stuck with how it happened in the book, like how Kili and Fili died from defending their uncle. I think that would have been a LOT more truer to the heart of Tolkein’s characters than what P.Jackson did. There wasn’t even the slghtest effort to put some meat into Fili’s death, and do I even have to talk about Kili’s? The movie version was too shallow to give any justice to his death. I mean, seriously? Protecting Tauriel? Which leads me to my next point,
5. The romance part was absolutely unnecessary and unrealistic. I’m all for love-knows-no-boundaries but there should have been more effort to explain how an elf could possibly fall for a dwarf and vice versa, especially since the few instances of bonds between elves and dwarves that actually exist (Legolas and Gimli’s friendship) are even deemed “strange and unique” by Tolkien himself. And to make Tauriel the reason for Kili’s death? An elf he had just met? Someone should have warned me this was going to be a fairytale love story.
6. The ending felt a bit rushed. I think the characters could have been given more resolution, which maybe could have been entirely possible given that this was the shortest film out of the whole franchise, so they really could have used up some of that time. What happened to Bard? To Thranduil? Where did they GO, at least?
7. This was the last of the last, but the movie seemed to lack that gravity.

Nonetheless, hats off to Jackson for this. Now, Silmarillion please!!


Stone marks

We visited a park in Vancouver once, and by the coast, we saw an area covered with shells and stones. Upon closer inspection, we saw that the stones actually had writings and drawings on them. There was one, in particular, that caught my attention.

"Miss U dad"

“Miss U dad”


Sunday Morning Photos: Behind the Lens

My friends and I attended a Photography Seminar called “Behind the Lens”. It was interesting to listen to an actual photographer, but the highlights of the day were definitely the “capturing” parts. We met a bunch of kids who were playing by the grass near the venue, and took pictures with them. It was refreshing to see them run around and play, mindless of computer screens and cellphone buttons.

There was a time when we didn't mind taking a little fall

There was a time when we didn’t mind taking a little fall

Local products

Local products



DSC_0949 (3)


No Hobbit like Sam

Don’t you leave him! they said to me. Leave him! I said. I never mean to. I am going with him, if he climbs to the moon; and if any of those Black Riders try to stop him, they’ll have Sam Gamgee to reckon with, I said.

-Sam Gamgee, page 117

Look at that devotion! Plus, these words were also adorable in the movie.


Dumbledore’s Army: Now Adults

ATTENTION TO ALL POTTERHEADS!! J.K. Rowling has just released a short story (written in the words of Rita Skeeter) about the Dumbledore’s Army: who are now adults. Most of the information is not new, but we finally gain snippets into the friends’ life! It’s set years after the Battle of Hogwarts–and they all seem happy. Which is what we wanted, right? The only thing I hated about it is Jo’s statement, that it might very well be her last story about the group.

All you need to open the link is have a Pottermore account! Which, if you’re a true Potterhead, won’t be any worry. 🙂