The Battle of Five Armies: First Thoughts (Short Review)

Okay. Just a quick review.

Ended up crying my eyes out with yet another end of a book/movie legacy (hello HP7). But here are my first thoughts on the Battle of Five Armies:

1. For a die-hard fan like me, I do think the movie was worth ALL the weeks of waiting, of staying up late just to watch the world premiere and join twitter Q&As. The CG effects were marvelous, and I love how Bilbo played out in this film, thank you Martin Freeman!
2. Again, Jackson delivers with his INSANELY AWESOME battle scenes. I hate that it lasted only 45 minutes long. The dwarves+elves offense gave me goosebumps! Aaand who could forget Legolas’ awesome stunts (at this point, I won’t bother to think about how realistic some of them were), and the action from Galadriel, Elrond, and Saruman (finally!)?
3. Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom. Nuff said.

But. (Again, spoilers!)

4. I absolutely HATED how some characters died. I wish they just stuck with how it happened in the book, like how Kili and Fili died from defending their uncle. I think that would have been a LOT more truer to the heart of Tolkein’s characters than what P.Jackson did. There wasn’t even the slghtest effort to put some meat into Fili’s death, and do I even have to talk about Kili’s? The movie version was too shallow to give any justice to his death. I mean, seriously? Protecting Tauriel? Which leads me to my next point,
5. The romance part was absolutely unnecessary and unrealistic. I’m all for love-knows-no-boundaries but there should have been more effort to explain how an elf could possibly fall for a dwarf and vice versa, especially since the few instances of bonds between elves and dwarves that actually exist (Legolas and Gimli’s friendship) are even deemed “strange and unique” by Tolkien himself. And to make Tauriel the reason for Kili’s death? An elf he had just met? Someone should have warned me this was going to be a fairytale love story.
6. The ending felt a bit rushed. I think the characters could have been given more resolution, which maybe could have been entirely possible given that this was the shortest film out of the whole franchise, so they really could have used up some of that time. What happened to Bard? To Thranduil? Where did they GO, at least?
7. This was the last of the last, but the movie seemed to lack that gravity.

Nonetheless, hats off to Jackson for this. Now, Silmarillion please!!


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2 responses to “The Battle of Five Armies: First Thoughts (Short Review)

  1. I am a major LOTR fan and I completely agree with your review! So many people think that it’s not worth watching at all, which it definitely is even though so many things did not follow the book. Great post!

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