UP Naming Mahal


UP Naming Mahal, indeed.

I remember a time when my older sister needed only to pay 300 php for each unit of her university education (UPLB). They had no Apple PCs in the library, no Bangas lining the sidewalk, and no faster online applications then, but she was happy. Why? Because that 300 pesos per unit meant that my parents could send the rest of us, her siblings, to school without worrying if we would have proper dinner to eat that night.

When I entered the university a few years ago, the tuition was more than double what my sister paid. And now it’s risen again. What makes it worse is that there were no proper announcements, upon enterinng my STS application, I was happy to see a 33% increase; I did not know it meant 33% of 1,500 php. Neither did many of my friends. How sad it is that the administration expects so much from the student body when they themselves cannot properly dissiminate information as important as this.

It is hard to swallow that students are paying so much more than many can afford. I have friends whose families do not even have enough money to buy food thrice a day. But I do not only feel bad for the poor but also the rich. There is a flaw in our bracketing system. There is so much more that affects a student’s power to pay tuition other than their household information and income. Even a student whose family owns three cellphones may be struggling to send their children to school.

At this point, even students whose households earn more than a million per year does not have to pay for higher tuition fees, not when the university can spare money to build hundreds of “bangas” to cover the UP sidewalk.


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