They were my babies

Before Game of Thrones became a hit series, before J. Law became known as Katniss, before “Okay? Okay.” became a common expression, I was there. Well, me and a few select people who discussed the fandoms in peace and prosperity.

But then they all got popular and hell broke loose. 

These days, I can’t even open my facebook account without reading at least three posts about Daenerys or Oberyn (who I remember was significantly insignificant in the books). I can’t walk around the bookstore without young ladies discussing John Green at the top of their voices (okay, you read the frikkin books, we get it). And yesterday I got an email telling me President Snow has an announcement to make (more people need to read Battle Royale, btw), that and a few weeks ago, I read an article telling me Thai protesters have adopted the three finger salute (which is, I must admit, pretty awesome).

Don’t take me wrong, I’m happy and thankful Martin, Green and Collins (and many more) all reached these heights. All the above mentioned haunted me for weeks on end, and I have loved them to death (TFIOS… maybe not so much), but sometimes, I think things were much more awesome in the old days. Back then, if a person knew the word Panem, you knew you could be friends. Back then, if you saw that a person’s wallpaper was yellow with a stag on it, you knew you have finally found someone to discuss dragons and white walkers with. Meeting a fellow fan was like meeting a long lost friend, you have so little in common now, but that little thing is enough to make you click.

And what’s frustrating for me is how others go posting spoilers and whatnot all over the internet without considering those who are intentionally not reading the books and choose to only watch the series instead. What makes it worse is that these are the exact same people who I tried to convince to watch said series years ago, who so blatantly rejected me.

A few years ago, I remember trying to force a friend to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones, before she even got ten minutes into the series, she stood up and closed it saying it bore her.

Now she’s posting “Which Game of Thrones character are you?” all over facebook.

And a conversation, back in high school.

“Hey, you should seriously read Hunger Games, it has–“

“No thanks.”

Now said friend is tagging me to the new Mockingjay trailer. 

It was heartbreaking (you didn’t know what you were missing!!!), but I guess that’s what made me appreciate the few fans all the more. We could talk about the fandoms on end without having to post die hard statuses (though we were die hard fans) all the time. I guess what I’m trying to say is that some fans try too hard to announce their fan statuses when actually all they have to do is simply love the thing. And kudos for the fans who, like me, were there eagerly awaiting and loving before the first episode, or movie, or book, was even released. We are the pioneers (I’d like to think so).

Game of Thrones and the like? They were my babies. And now they’re all grown up but I’m still finding it hard to let them go.


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2 responses to “They were my babies

  1. Mian

    Not ten minutes in? wowsa. My mum won’t watch game of thrones (too gory) but she at least watched the whole first episode.

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