19 playlist

I am turning 19 in about eight hours (technically. Time zone problem, I’m not really sure which to follow). And I’ve made my 19 playlist! 19 songs for my 19th birthday. I just felt like sharing them, but you can also listen to them. They’re pretty good. 🙂 

This is in no particular order
1. Walking in Memphis (cover by Patrick Dodd)

2. Chasing the Sun (S. Bareilles)

3. Like a Champion (S. Gomez)

4. Bruises (Train)

5. Hello World (Lady Antebellum)

6. Ho Hey (The Lumineers)

7. Young Blood (Birdy)

8. Badge and Gun (John Mayer)

9. Shake if Off (Florence and the Machine)

10. Wonderful (Gary Go)

11. Oceans (Hillsong)

12. Kanlungan (Noel Cabangon)

13. Let Your Heart Hold Fast (Fort Atlantic)

14. Little Wonders (Rob Thomas)

15. The House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert)

16. The Wind (Cat Stevens)

17. Let It Be (The Beatles)

18. Happy (Pharrell)

19. Stubborn Love (The Lumineers)



So I finally got an idea that’ll make me post more often (every day is my goal)! And that is… drum roll please…

Haikus! 🙂

Yup. I’m starting this project of writing a haiku per day for one year (and maybe more than that). I do hope I always find inspiration. So Haikus are Japanese poems with three lines, each line having 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively. They’re usually used for imagery and for nature, or at least, that’s what I remember from our class this morning. I’ll be starting this in another blog. If you guys are interested, check it out!