2013 was a year of opportunities. I’d like to think I made the best of those opportunities. I am forever thankful for everything, too. And I’ll never stop saying thanks. For the patience and the love, thank you to everyone who was here for me, the new and the old. Even if I know, deep inside, that it’s not entirely possible, I wish the friendship I have made with everyone this year will never wane.

It was also a challenging year. Many times, it was the first time in my life where I actually doubted myself and the people I love and have trusted on the most. I’m still figuring things out. Maybe 2014 will show me the way, and if not, there are many more years to come. I’ve questioned myself, and my beliefs time and again. I thought that was a bad thing, but now I know it was just a matter of time. Thank you for the challenges that have made me stronger (I hope).

I had a lot of firsts this year too:

1. First time to be an official adult
2. First time to join an organization
3. First time to fangirl over a local band so much I travelled hours just to watch their concert the second time in one month
4. First time to milk a cow
5. First time to join an organization
6. First time to break in a debate competition
7. First time to ride a plane
8. First time to visit another country
9. First time to ride a motorbike
10. First time to be a College Scholar

There are a lot more, I just can’t remember them.

So 2013, thank you for being there. When I had nothing else, I had prayers and time.

And 2014, I hope we have a good one.


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