(Please understand that these were not necessarily published in 2013. I just only read them then.)

1. Life of Pi

This is a to-read for everyone. I know most of us must have already watched the movie, and it was pretty accurate, but like every other book that was turned into a movie, there were still some scenes missing. And although I understand that there are different audiences between the two, there’s still some importance in knowing how Pi watched the meerkats run to the trees, or the hope he felt when he talked with the blind man.

Life of Pi is essentially a fantasy novel that will keep you up for a week wondering which of his stories were true, and asking why that would be so.

2. Kite Runner

Some people hate this book, others love it. But one thing is for sure: it was a deeply affecting novel. The way the scenes are told, in the eyes of a young boy, will have your breath hitched, feeling as if you were there watching the scene yourself. I had to wonder though, if I was in his place, what would I have done?

3. Wonder

I just hope they would never make a movie of this book. Auggie is a young kid with facial deformity, and Wonder tells the story of how he survived 5th grade. Although all the descriptions are there, it’s great how the reader leaves it up to the reader to conceptualize his features. In a way, I think he represented all our insecurities and tells us that we can always get past those.

4. Annarasumanara

This isn’t really a book, I think, but hey. It was a great read. It’s like a comic strip, only weirder and more psychological. And did I mention awesome? The clipouts and colors draw you in, even the drawings are weird and confusing that you are pulled to keep on reading.

5. Peter Pan

Here is a book that tells you a story about childhood and growing up.

“Stars are beautiful, but they may not take part in anything, they must just look on forever.”

-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Happy New Year everyone. 🙂


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