December 28

I’m packing while I write (well, type), so forgive me if my words seem choppy. But I’m flying to Canada tomorrow! Agh. It’s such a huge moment of my life that I just have to write it down.

K. So I know lots of people actually leave their homes when they turn 18, but again, I do have to emphasize the social and cultural differences, and in our country, leaving home at 18 is really rare. So is visiting other countries at such a young age (only the rich and elite get to do that), and I was (am going to be) able to do that!

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but yeah, I’ve been accepted to an Exchange Student Program. This will be a first in many ways for me:

1. First time to ride a plane

2. First time to go abroad

3. First time to see snow!

Speaking of snow, what are you guys’ suggestions for stuff to do during winter? 😀


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