Five Cm Per Second | Weekly Prompt: Love in the 21st Century

The movie is about two close friends separated, when Akari (the girl) transfers schools. Tohno Takaki (the boy) sends her letters, and they stay in touch through mail.

Below is a copy of a short story I made about the two.


Dear Tohno-kun,
I had a weird dream last night…

They were in high school.


I was sitting, on a grassy land.
In a planet full of craters.

She jumped. And turned to the sound.

“What are you starting out there for?” they asked, pure confusion etched on their faces.

She shakes her head, and forces a smile before running to where they are.

They didn’t pay attention to the mailbox she was staring at.

We were watching the earth, and the sun.

Years and years later.

Now there was a ring on her finger.

The cherry blossoms were falling.

My hair was blowing in the wind.

The warm, afternoon sun was shining down.

She could see the railway, so close.

And a man walking towards her, from the opposite direction.
And you were there, standing beside me.

She couldn’t see his face.

She didn’t see his face.

Until the moment they passed each other.


She didn’t turn, until the railways were behind her.

But when she did,

The train flew by, at such an incredible speed.

How fast did trains go?

We will see each other again, right?

She didn’t care.

It was enough time for her to run.

She couldn’t bear to see his face anymore.

It hurt badly enough already.

And there already was a ring on her finger.


So she ran.

Away from him…

Past the cherry blossoms slowly falling down.

No matter how long we take to get there.


Daily Prompt: Rain

Daily Prompt: Rain

I try to fit my whole body into the blanket, but my toes still peep out. Settling the mug of tea by the window sill, I pull the blanket down, covering my red painted nails. There’s no use in keeping my arms warm, I have to hold my book anyway.

Before settling down to read, I bring the pages to my nose, taking a whiff of the papery smell. They say books smell better when they’re older, but I’ve always loved its scent when it’s fresh from the shop.

I open the first page, and everything silences but the hard crash of the rain on the roof.

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The Letter That Killed Me | Daily Prompt: Never


like reading on trains

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I’ll never tell you about her.

I’ll never tell you how she caught my attention by asking for my attention.
I’ll never tell about how she looked so cute and beautiful and amazing and wonderful and outrageous all at the same time when I first saw her, whenever I saw her, whenever I see her.

I’ll never tell you how my name never sounded the same after she said it.

I’ll never tell you of the songs that I could only sing because of her.
I’ll never write about the letters and the notes I sent her every day.
I’ll never show you the poems I wrote because of her.

I’ll never tell you about the heaven that she revealed to me.
I’ll never show you the universe that she opened for me.
I’ll never write about the paradise that she…

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