Ah, food.

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to).


Ah, food.

Who doesn’t think about it? I mean, really. You may be super thin or super health conscious, but at one time or the other, we all think about those mouth watering substances—whatever they may be—that will soon find their way into our bellies.

Dinner just actually finished an hour ago, and since we had a guest come over, I am now contentedly stuffed. We had barbeque, chadolbagi, and shanghai lumpia. For dessert was s’mores, cake, and ice cream. That was a lot, now that I think about. But, yay! So, since I don’t have anything else to say, and since I still have the time, and since I’m guessing some of the words I just mentioned earlier sound perfectly foreign to you, let’s discuss the food!

Now that I look them over, you probably don’t need any details of barbeque, s’mores, cake, or ice cream, so let’s go to chadolbagi and shanghai lumpia.

Chadolbagi: We first discovered it when my sister started tutoring Korean students that were in our country. It’s like bacon, only thinner, and… I guess… healthier? Why do I say that? Well, according to my sister, chadolbagi uses fewer preservatives, and it’s eaten (usually) wrapped in lettuce leaves, with onions and other veggies, and dipped into sesame oil with salt and pepper. Blegh. I hope you understood that. I realize now how hard it is to describe food.

Shanghai Lumpia: It’s a Filipino cuisine. …. I think? Just checked google, and yes, it is. Hm. It’s ground meat, mixed with other ingredients (varies according to taste, my sister adds chopped onions and carrots), rolled in flour and fried! Again, I apologize with how sucky my descriptions are.

Ha. I did it. I would post pictures, but I’m still not sure on how I could credit them, and whether it would be alright to use them. Anybody wanna help me with that? 🙂


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