April 3

5:28 PM

The sun is setting on our tiny Asian country. Problem is, it’s setting a bit too warmly. Scratch that. It isn’t a bit. I could swear that every pore of body is oozing out sweat right now, which is kind of a disgusting thought.

It would be better for me to get in the air conditioned buildings, but I have a responsibility to take care of, and so am stuck in this oven-hot area. Just a little bit more, and I can almost feel my body melt.

6:31 PM

Responsibility taken care of, and dinner is safely in my stomach. I still have a two hour bus ride to catch, but I can’t bear to get on it. I don’t think I can keep my food in. I’m feeling a little bit dizzy right now. So I’ll pass time in this restaurant first, until my stomach’s fit for travelling, and maybe get my creative juices flowing.

But what are you doing two hours away from home, you ask? Well, I’m actually applying for this scholarship and one of the requirements, I had to come get. So I travelled in over-perfumed cars, walked through dusty roads, rode in over cramped transits, and gone through a generally boiling hot city to get said requirement, and guess I what? They didn’t give it to me.

So what did I do? I smiled. And it actually helps, as I’ve found out earlier today. I usually freak out and ruin my whole day when things go wrong, but I didn’t, awhile ago. And I think it’s because I simply smiled. I felt lighter, and I think it actually helped keep the frustration in.

Come to think of it, I remember my friend asking me once, “Do you smile because you’re happy, or are you happy because you smile?”I went with the former, of course. But no, she said—or actually, her psychology prof told her—it was the latter. People are happy because they smile. It made no sense. Until earlier today.

So now I end my entry of complaints and what-not, since I still have a bus to catch.


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