My Hangover

My friend asked me to read her blog, which I did (here’s the link if you want: And it made me feel really bad because I remembered this blog of mine which I have long since forsaken. But I won’t anymore! Oh, this is the last promise I make here. I will update at least once in two weeks, at least. That sounds really hard for me already. And yeah, that’s how lazy I am.

So, here I am writing on and on with no sense at all. Blame this workshop I came across in this other site. It instructed me to: write anything—anything—that comes in mind for 60 seconds, not bothering about proper grammar or anything else. And I think that is exactly what I’m still doing right now. Call it a hangover. Yeah, I guess that’s appropriate enough.

Oh! Here’s another reason why I can update more often: I have got a brand new—not really ‘new’ since my sister just gave it to me—broadband! If you don’t know, it’s like a portable internet thingy, which means I don’t have to go to internet shops all the time just to be able to blog and read. Yay! Happy.

So what else? I have got a very busy week ahead of me, and the sad thing is, I haven’t even started on any of the tasks I should have finished already. As I’ve said a million times, I’m just really that lazy.


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