And so…

… I remain continuously uninspired and academically busy, hence the inactivity of two weeks. I can’t blame it entirely on that, though. I went home last weekend (yay for me!), so all thoughts of school flew off, and I had to cram this whole week just to be able to answer something in exam papers. Now that I think about it, I haven’t turned on my laptop the whole week. Yes, I’ve been that busy.

Anyway, we held our Physics Fair yesterday. The mechanics for each laboratory section was simple: design a game that incorporates any subject on Physics. These games were to be lifted from any original game of our country. Being the lazy and irresponsible students that we were, our lab section only ever started working on the game the night before the game. Ideas clashed at first, but everything turned out well. Here’s what we went with, in case your interested(if not, you can just always skip this part):

The game consisted of a total of six members, to be divided into two groups, the first group being the field members, the second group, the guide players. The field players main goal was to meet, blindfolded, to the center of the field, and head together to the goal area, where three balloons were hung in a pole. The guide members’ role, was to lead them there. Directions, however, where instructed using vectors and directions, for example: “Move two steps 45 degrees North of East.” There were various obstacles in the field though, like ropes strung across the yard and boxes littered around, and if any of the field members touched the obstacles, they had to go back to the start. Oh, and any of the field members also had to burst any of the three balloons at the goal area. And there you have it! I’m no good at writing game mechanics, but I hope you understood all those.

Alrighty! So, since, until now, I still remain uninspired, I’ll be starting a new blog, which will be consisting of entries inspired by various prompts which I found over here: . You can check them out, too. Credits to the owner, though.



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