I’ve got two exams in a few days and I know I need to start studying but I am feeling too frustrated to even open my notes. I swear I can feel the steam blowing off my ears. And the reason why I’m feeling like this just adds to my bad mood because I feel so silly.

I just lost my third pen this week. I know I could buy a new one easily and I actually would, but the nearest shop is about half a mile away, and it is raining. HARD.

Besides, if the two pens I lost were cheap then I wouldn’t mind. Tsk. I lost a ballpen a week back in highschool. But no. The two pens I lost this time were really expensive (for a college student like me), and it was supposed to last two months in the least. But I lost them in just a week.


I really want to scold myself or something, but instead I’m playing Mario trying to cheer myself up. I hope this works. 


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