I’ve got two exams in a few days and I know I need to start studying but I am feeling too frustrated to even open my notes. I swear I can feel the steam blowing off my ears. And the reason why I’m feeling like this just adds to my bad mood because I feel so silly.

I just lost my third pen this week. I know I could buy a new one easily and I actually would, but the nearest shop is about half a mile away, and it is raining. HARD.

Besides, if the two pens I lost were cheap then I wouldn’t mind. Tsk. I lost a ballpen a week back in highschool. But no. The two pens I lost this time were really expensive (for a college student like me), and it was supposed to last two months in the least. But I lost them in just a week.


I really want to scold myself or something, but instead I’m playing Mario trying to cheer myself up. I hope this works. 


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’ve been reading Young Adult books (Specifically, Hush, Hush, Mortal Instruments Series, Divergent) straight for about a month now. And I guess I’ve been getting tired of the same old romances and kick-ass-heroines and supernaturalities, that the Perks was such a breath of fresh air for me. Not to mention how awesome of a book it really was.

I love how relateable Chalie is. AND he’s a wallflower. It was just amazing how I knew that fact, yet all that happened to him kept me glued to the book. He was just another normal teenager (yet maybe not), but the way he saw things and thought about them just really amazed me. Yes, I know he isn’t a real person and maybe Chobchsky is just a really awesome narrator, but I think that just adds more to how good the book is. I love books in which you know that the characters aren’t real and they don’t exist, but still you can imagine them living on this earth along with you.

All I can think about is Charlie right now, thus the paragraph before, but all in all, it just sums down to the fact that THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER IS absolutely beautiful, and I think y’all should read it!