Things change. And friend…

Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody.

That’s by Stephen Chbosky in The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

When I first read it, I thought I understood. I’ve always known people change, and they will leave. Who doesn’t? I’ve experienced it loads of times too. And I thought I was already used to it, that if and when it happens to me again, I’ll be ready. I’ll be uncaring as stone. But I guess it just doesn’t work that way.

It just really hurts when you make an effort to connect, and they just wave you off like a fly buzzing around their meal. We were supposed have dinner with my ex-roomates. It was all planned out. My outfit was even ready. So even if I had two exams this morning, one of which consisted of twenty items, four points each, I was actually looking forward to the night. And then they all suddenly text that they were too busy, like they always claim to be whenever you plan dinner. So yeah. It sucks.

And it sucks even more when it’s you they come running to whenever they need help.


So! I’m stuffing myself with chocolate and wrapped around a blanket re-watching Game of Thrones instead. The simplest things always make me feel better.

Good life. 


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One response to “Things change. And friend…

  1. Ah yes, people change. But it hurts the most when those whom we think will be there till the end or something suddenly turns against us.
    Well, sometime back, I used to go around spouting philosophy like, “change is natural. It is unavoidable. We must be prepared for it, etc etc”. But when it happened to my friends and those around me, I was devastated. You see, I had a group of friends since 6th grade and a very best friend from 1st grade. Then, in 10th grade, my best friend changed. She was athletic, artistic and popular while I was the straight A student. So, she started getting bored of me. Then finally, in the start of 10th grade, we fought because she always used to keep coming to me, wanting to copy my homework but the rest of the time, ignoring me. The worst thing was that the so-called my group of friends all sided with her and completely ignored me. I was hurt, no doubt, I immersed myself into my school books all the time so that I wouldn’t find the need to have friends. But, deep inside, I longed for friends.
    Then finally, that school year came to an end and I was declared topper, scoring 10 GPA out of 10. But then again, my former best friend too got 10 GPA through copying and illegal methods. I didn’t have the guts to spill it. And probably she might turn the tables to me.
    But now that the new school year has started, I have found a new group of friends and learned to forget all what happened the previous year. And I constantly remind myself that no one stays the same forever.

    Sorry if that sounded too depressing but I felt to share. 🙂

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