College Blues

So I’ve just arrived in the dorm about two hours ago. My head’s pounding from the exhausting travel, but I’m all smiles. The dormitory I got in is newly renovated, so almost everything is new. The lockers are new, the beds, the tables, the curtains, the paint and the light. Almost the only thing I can see that’s not new right now is the door knob. I guess they felt too lazy to fix that. Daddy also gave me more cash than I need, and my new roommates are really kind and lovely.

It’s almost perfect.

Except for one little glitch.

I’m feeling so homesick already. I can’t help but compare everything I see around me to what I’ll find at home. The climate here is almost ten degrees higher than at our town, so consequently, people dress differently, too. That kinda sounds silly, yeah, but when you’re used to wearing coats and hats, boots and jeans, and find other people surrounding you in shorts, sleeveless top and sunglasses, you’ll understand how out of place it can feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this place. I wouldn’t have picked this university if I didn’t. I guess I’m just having my college blues. Yeah. That’s what I call it. I’m wondering why I have it though. I don’t get why, even though I have every material thing I might want and wonderful people around me, I still crave the foggy weather of home and even the constant bickering of my siblings. Because of this, I can’t help to think that maybe not only the relationships we build are fated. Maybe where we’re born and the places we go to are a part of our “destiny”, too.

Guess that’s about it for my rambling today. Right now, my stomach’s grumbling so hard and I think it’s about time for me to get some food.

Captured on our walk home with my little brother.

Foggy Climate of home


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8 responses to “College Blues

  1. Laige the Weird

    Stay safe vanani. As they say, home is where your heart is. (insert appropriate smiley here)

  2. I like your foggy pictures of home. I was a new blogger myself at one time, not knowing what to write so I can relate to your first post. Can also relate to your mixed feelings at starting a new life and already missing the old, the familiar. Soon, this life will become the familiar. Am wishing you luck and fun and fine new friends.

  3. I found this post as something I could relate to. I leave for college in about two months, and I am certain I will have the college blues! Keep the post coming! Follow me and my journey through my first year of college?

  4. Good luck settling in. These things take time.

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