Freeing Thoughts

Freeing Thoughts

Hello, you.

Whoever–whatever–you are. I am desperately racking my brain for something to start on, and so far I am only coming up with the simplest option I have. My name. I hate revealing my name, though (call me paranoid), so I guess a nickname would be enough? Vani it is, then.

So here I am. Writing. Why though?

Maybe it’s because I’ve always found writing so stress relieving. Whenever my pen (or in this case, fingers) touch the paper (keyboard), I can almost visualize it to be like shouting out everything I’m feeling into a blank, empty space. The only difference is that in writing, our words are recorded and saved. Our words can actually be accessed by millions of others, no matter the time or distance. Like how you’ve accessed this very words.

I won’t pretend to be good. Compared with all the other writers out there, my works may look like crap to you. And it won’t mean anything to me. I guess that’s the beauty of thoughts expressed through the use of pens and papers– you don’t write for anybody else, you write for yourself. You write to free those itching ideas from their cages, and maybe in the process, free yourself too.

So! I honestly planned to just post an introduction of some sorts, but ended up rambling again. Yeah. That’s how random I can get. But those random thoughts I have are what I plan to be posting anyway. Maybe that’s what I should entitle my next blogs: The Random Thoughts of a Seventeen Year Old. Stay with me along the way? I hope so.

Have a good day dearies. Keep on writing.

((Photo by Kurosama 76))


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8 responses to “Freeing Thoughts

  1. javier

    thanks for my photo in your blog

  2. Weather you write crap, as you say, i write a lot of it ๐Ÿ™‚ it does not matter.

    Make an about page, people like them , a little about you and your blog.

    Add tags and a category to do with the post, don’t use uncategorized.

    Its early days, if you need help come back.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think you are off to a wonderful start. And I love what you have done with the place. Beautiful graphics. I have found writing to be a wonderful release. You are on your way!!

  4. *3rd paragraph* I couldn’t have said it better ! I think I started my blog for probably similar reasons to yours .. Great Start there though !

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